Innovation in Auto: Embracing Change to Create a Modern Customer Experience

May 18 · 11:00 AM PT

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Embracing Change to Create a Modern Customer Experience

Change in the automotive industry has rapidly accelerated over the last two years. It’s no secret that dealers and OEMs alike must act on implementing strategies to ensure a better future for the brand, dealerships, and ultimately the customer experience - but how?

Using themes from the hit show Ted Lasso to guide the panelists, this webinar will dive into how dealerships can take on challenges, spark curiosity, build relationships, foster new innovation, and above all, believe in belief.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How the inventory shortage has affected CX strategies and the type of feedback dealers are receiving.
  • How the industry has changed marketing strategies to be more proactive and set better expectations with customers.
  • How to humanize the car buying experience when more of the process is now taking place online.
  • Advice for retailers on how to offer customers a modernized and digital first experience.


Chad Jernberg

Vice President, Customer Experience 
Holman Automotive

Matt Wilson
Director, Customer Experience & Training

Ron Andrews
Sr. Director, Enterprise Strategy


Melanie Fielder
Sr. Manager, Field Marketing Reputation

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